Positive Psychology in a Time of Pandemic

As the latest wave of the pandemic crashes into our lives, what is there in the science of resilience and wellbeing that can help us cope with the covid crisis? Positive psychology offers a proactive and practical approach to […]

The Paradox of Choice

2020 will be remembered as the year our freedom was lost to the corona crisis. Autonomy is one of three fundamental needs for wellbeing in Ryan & Deci’s self-determination theory, alongside a sense of competence and relatedness. You could […]

Happiness Habits for Pandemic Wellbeing

It is normal and natural to feel distressed by distressing circumstances and what we face with the COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest threat to wellbeing that many of us have ever known. Resilience is about maintaining wellbeing in unfavourable […]

The Joy of Lockdown

Stay home, save lives – the message is clear. We’re over half way through the UK lockdown and while being stuck home alone is no picnic in the park (which, of course, is no longer permitted), one way of […]

First Aid Resilience for the Corona Crisis

Hacks from positive psychology, the science of resilience.
It is normal and natural to feel disturbed by disturbing circumstances. Right now, as we face the greatest threat to health in a century, the need for resilience is at an all-time […]

2020 vision

As 2020 begins many of us pause to reflect on the year that’s been and plan for the year ahead.

This year it holds extra significance as the world stands on the verge of a new decade (yes, I know […]

Four Science Backed Tips To Improve Your Year Ahead

Leading wellbeing authors offer free online course in positive psychology

Positive psychology, a new branch of science focuses on how to bring out the best in ourselves and other people. It reveals how simple practices can act as a foundation […]

Notes from a Positive Psychology Author…

On World Mental Health Day.

I first got into positive psychology when I was looking to self-medicate out of depression. The idea of putting the focus on practices that grow wellbeing, felt alien but amazingly it worked.  Not only did […]

A Dose of Vitamin G

It calms the mind, lifts the mood and acts as an instant digital detox. Getting a regular dose of green space, aka Vitamin G, is often overlooked as a way of growing wellbeing. Spending time in nature feels good […]