Positive Mindset

What is a Positive Mindset?

Think positive. Be positive. A Positive Mental Attitude. These are all popular affirmations but what does it really mean to have a positive mindset? It is about taking a positive approach to life – having an expectation that positive things will happen, taking the positive action and appreciating the positives in life. It is not only about the sunny side of life but also about taking a proactive approach to recover from life’s setbacks.

Positive psychology, as the science of optimal functioning, holds the key to develop an authentic positive mindset with a range of practical, evidence-based tools. This training brings together the major ingredients to develop a positive mindset so that you can flourish in life and at work.

Growth Mindset: Prof Carol Dweck’s research on mindsets demonstrates the beliefs and behaviours necessary for personal and business success and is the cornerstone of a positive mindset.

Optimism is what ‘positive thinking’ refers to. Cultivating optimism is about choosing to believe in the possibility of positive outcomes and working towards them. Developing cognitive flexibility helps with motivation and solutions-focused thinking which increases the likelihood of success. It’s also about challenging pessimistic thinking. The ability to conceive of a positive future, aka ‘prospection’, is one of the greatest psychological skills for success.

Positivity is the frequent experience of positive emotions, which comes with focusing on the positive things that happen. Positive emotions not only feel good, they do us good too – they broaden the mind’s capacity to think creatively and build resources that support resilience.

Strengths are your assets. How you are at your best – the Positive You. Getting to know your strengths boosts confidence and using them gives you the greatest potential for growth. Strengths are also the inner resources that can help you keep going through tough times.

Having a positive mindset isn’t just about accentuating the positive. It is also about resilience, which supports us in maintaining wellbeing in unfavourable conditions, so that you are better able to thrive in conditions of adversity.

All these elements (and more!) contribute to a positive mindset which will equip you to succeed in life and at work. We can design a positive mindset course for your bespoke needs and in a timeframe that suits – sessions, a half-day or full-day course.

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Here’s an opportunity to attend an open online course in the Positive Mindset. This is being put on by the digital school Secret Key in Athens on 24th and 31 January. It will be taught in English.

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