Why saying thank you could be one of the best things you ever do for your wellbeing

Of all the positive psychology practices, one of the best known and most effective is gratitude. There is a strong link between gratitude and happiness. Gratitude trains the brain to tune in and notice what is positive. It helps develop an abundance mindset and challenge many of the barriers to happiness such as the negativity bias, hedonic treadmill and social comparisons. Bob Emmons, the leading researcher on gratitude, identifies three key benefits.

  • Gratitude amplifies the good we see in ourselves and the world.
  • Gratitude rescues us from negativity of thoughts and news headlines.
  • Gratitude connects us to others, strengthening relationships.

Gratitude also has a role to play in creating a positive culture at work. Feeling valued is a fundamental human need. Not being appreciated is a major reason why people quit their jobs. Giving Frequent Encouragement and Recognition (FRE) can increase productivity by 40% according to research carried out by Margaret Greenberg, co-author of Profit from the Positive.

This workshop explores gratitude and its benefits and shows you how to practise gratitude for happiness, relationships and wellbeing at work.