Positive Psychology for Health & Social Care

A flexible 1 or 2-day course in positive psychology aimed at those who want to explore positive psychology knowledge and the evidence-based interventions for use with their clients, patients or service users. Positive psychology is the scientific study of well-being and optimal functioning. It is a strengths-based approach to mental health which uses coaching as a process. This practical science can be applied to help people increase their well-being, build resilience, play to their strengths and enhance their quality of life. The knowledge is useful to people with persistent low mood or emotional flatness such as those with long-term health conditions. Positive psychology interventions can alleviate and prevent mild-to-moderate depression and help people to bounce back from adversity and move up the mental health spectrum, from languishing towards flourishing. Therapists and healthcare practitioners will find the techniques a useful addition to their skills and to support their own well-being.

Choose from the following elements for your training tailored to suit your organisation or department’s needs and to help your clients up the mental health spectrum towards flourishing.

  • Introduction to Positive Psychology
  • Happiness, Flow, Well-being & Flourishing
  • Positive Emotions & Emotional Intelligence
  • Evidence-based tools for Positivity
  • Positive Coping, Resilience & Post-traumatic Growth
  • Optimism, Hope & Defensive Pessimism
  • The Positive Psychology of Strengths
  • Strengths-based Coaching & Therapy
  • The Psychology of Change: Motivation, Goals, Self-regulation & Growth Mindset
  • Mindfulness
  • Positive Relating
  • Positive Psychology Coaching