Positive Psychology for Health & Social Care

A flexible 1 or 2-day course aimed at those working in healthcare or social care who want to explore positive psychology knowledge and tools for use with their clients, patients or service users. Positive psychology is a strengths-based approach to mental health which uses coaching as a process. This practical science can be applied to help people increase their well-being, build resilience, discover their strengths and enhance their quality of life. The knowledge is useful to people with persistent low mood or emotional flatness such as those with long-term health conditions. Therapists and healthcare practitioners will find the techniques a useful addition to their skills and to support their own well-being.

Choose from the following elements for your training tailored to suit your organisation or department’s needs and to help your clients up the mental health spectrum towards flourishing.

  • Introduction to Positive Psychology
  • Happiness, Flow, Well-being & Flourishing
  • Positive Emotions & Emotional Intelligence
  • Evidence-based tools for Positivity
  • Positive Coping, Resilience & Post-traumatic Growth
  • Optimism, Hope & Defensive Pessimism
  • The Positive Psychology of Strengths
  • Strengths-based Coaching & Therapy
  • The Psychology of Change: Motivation, Goals, Self-regulation & Growth Mindset
  • Mindfulness
  • Positive Relating
  • Positive Psychology Coaching

This workshop can be booked to be delivered in-house and is tailored to suit the needs of the organisation. If you want to participate in a course you are welcome to attend one of our open courses – the Positive Psychology Masterclass or the online Positive Psychology Foundations.