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We offer short courses in positive psychology for personal and professional development as well as training for coaches, psychologists and other L&D professionals in the knowledge and tools of positive psychology. We deliver well-being programmes eg. well-being at work, happiness habits and ‘taster’ sessions suitable for events, residentials and away-days. The 2-day Positive Psychology Masterclass is an open course with dates throughout the year.


Positive psychology, executive, life and wellness coaching face-to-face, by telephone or on Skype. Experience the benefits of positive psychology coaching in one-to-one sessions tailored to help you feel good, function well and flourish on every front. Positive psychology is scientifically-grounded coaching, drawing on the theory, research and evidence-based tools that have been shown to work. All our courses can also be delivered in coaching sessions.

Mental Health

The science of happiness offers evidence-based self-help tools to recover from depression. Positive psychology broadens out mental health treatment offering a drug-free approach which is scientifically proven to boost moods, overcome mild-to-moderate depression, build resilience and prevent relapses. Access tools to recover well-being in personal coaching sessions and in the book – Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression.


We work with schools, youth services, charities, public health and local education authorities to support the well-being and development of young people. We train education and youth professionals to use positive psychology in their work and design well-being and resilience programmes for children and young people.  The Happiness Zones is a ground-breaking programme for young people, which has been highlighted as an example of best practice in mental well-being.

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