Joy, love, hope,¬†serenity, gratitude, inspiration, awe, pride, excitement, bliss, amusement, ecstasy…

Explore the power of positive emotions and how they not only make us feel good but do us good too.

In this workshop we’ll introduce you to a range of tools that boost the mood, share the role that positive emotions play in your happiness and explain the science behind the feel-good factor. You’ll come away with a playlist of positive practices that will give you the feel-good factor.

Positive emotions are much more than those peak moments of happiness. Besides feeling good, they can also put you on the path to flourishing and strengthen your resilience when times are tough. A core element in positive psychology, from research led by Prof Barbara Fredrickson, is the ‘broaden and build theory’ of positive emotions, which describes the benefits of experiencing these pleasant feelings.

  • Positive emotions broaden the mind enabling creative and flexible thinking.
  • Positive emotions build psychological resources, which are available long after they’ve gone.
  • Positive emotions act as your inner reset button, restoring the body to a state of calm.
  • Positive emotions build your resilience so you bounce back more easily from adversity.
  • Positive emotions oil the wheels of relationships.
  • Positive emotions transform leading to a happier, healthier you.

Savour the power of positivity and the scientifically-grounded practices, like savouring, that deliver the feel-good factor.