Miriam Akhtar

Miriam Akhtar MAPP is a positive psychologist, author, wellbeing consultant, keynote speaker, trainer and educator. She is one of 100 global experts invited to contribute to The World Book of Happiness and The World Book of Hope, given to world leaders with a request to put wellbeing on their national agenda.

Miriam was one of the first positive psychologists in Europe, graduating with distinction from the MSc in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), a course established by Prof Martin Seligman to make the world a happier place and was a founder member of the International Positive Psychology Association. She is a qualified facilitator of the Penn Resilience Programme  which came to the UK via the Local Wellbeing Project, led by Professor Lord Richard Layard, co-founder of Action for Happiness. Miriam’s day-to-day work is as a trainer, coach and consultant, delivering wellbeing and resilience programmes for a range of clients.

“Miriam is a real expert in her field. She has trained me and is excellent”. Melanie Franklin, Author, Director, Agile Change Management.

Miriam is an educator, engaged in training up the next generation of positive psychology practitioners. She is on the faculty of the Executive MAPP at the University of Lisbon and has given lectures at the University of Oxford, Bristol Medical School, the London School of Economics, the University of Bath, the University of Kent at Canterbury, Brunel University, the University of the West of England, Sheffield Hallam University and the London College of Fashion.

“Miriam is the best positive psychologist in Britain. She is passionate about growth and has a wonderful way of using her knowledge to inspire.” Lucy Barfoot, Director, Lightbox.

Miriam is the author of 6 books including the ground-breaking Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression, recommended by Books on Prescription founder, Prof Neil Frude and the subject of a  bibliotherapy study. What is Post-traumatic Growth tells the story of how people can grow through adversity. Her most recent is the best-selling Little Book of Happiness, which has 12 scientifically grounded habits of happiness. Miriam is also a contributor to Gratitude, How to Appreciate Life’s Gifts and the featured expert in PsychologiesReal Calm, a guide to resilience. 

Miriam is a fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs and a former director of the Happy City Initiative, a social enterprise which has evolved into the Centre for Thriving Places. She is a Happiness Champion in Bristol and consulted on the bid that led to Bristol becoming the 2015 European Green Capital  with a mission to create happier and healthier cities.

Below are some clips of Miriam in action. Appearances on ITV1’s The Katie Piper Show (left), on the BBC’s Points West (middle) and sharing the personal experience that led to the creation of the Happiness Habits as part of her graduation from the School for Social Entrepreneurs (right).