Happiness Training Plan

Happiness CD FrontCover WEB(1)The Happiness Training Plan is an audio programme designed to have an anti-depressant effect.  It’s full of simple, practical steps to greater happiness. The twelve strategies are all based on positive psychology, the science of happiness. Each track offers a practical lesson in mood improvement with the assurance that every strategy is supported by scientific evidence.

Self-help Audiobook

The audiobook creators based the strategies on their professional expertise and personal experience. Miriam Akhtar was one of the first handful of qualified positive psychologists in Europe and Dr Chris Johnstone is a medical doctor who pioneered the application of positive psychology in the NHS. As well as the science, the 12 strategies are also based on their own personal experiences of recovering from depression. The audiobook was launched at the 2008 University of Bristol Happiness Lectures and is available through this website.

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“Clearly presented, easy to follow and, more importantly, highly practical. I love the Happiness Training Plan CD and recommend it to both colleagues and patients.” – Dr Mark Daykin, GP

“Training to be happy? Can it possibly be done? Can listening to a CD actually make us feel more alive, solve our problems and lead to an inner state of joy? It sounds impossible but what wouldn’t we give to be able to do this! The Happiness Training Plan suggests that far from being a random process, we actually have some control over our happiness, health and consciousness. Listening, relaxing and practising is what it takes to bring about profound and far-reaching changes, which help us to tune in to the inner voice of love and the source of our divinity. I have seen people change in this way and know that it can happen.” – Pat Pilkington MBE, Co-Founder, Penny Brohn Cancer Care 

“A helpful, practical and easy to follow course for creating more happiness in our lives – it’s nice to find something so down to earth and straightforward which suits the listener.” – Liz Igoe, Psychotherapist

“An excellent self help tool that offers a wide range of practical strategies which are easily applicable to everyday situations. Highly recommended for anyone working in the mental health services or simply wanting to enhance their own levels happiness and wellbeing.”  Jennifer Horsfall, The Wellbeing Service, University of the West of England

“Excellent content that gives you the keys to happiness as well as plenty of tips on making it work for you.” – Elizabeth Digby-Firth, Therapist

“The format is really original, it’s like listening to a radio programme, easy to follow with high-quality material.” – Sue Morgan, Consultant