Positive Psychology Foundations

The Positive Psychology Foundations is an 8-session recorded course for people who want to start using positive psychology in their personal and professional lives. The eight modules are based on Prof Martin Seligman’s PERMA model of wellbeing (Flourish, 2011), which we’ve extended to include R(esilience), M(indfulness) & the P(hysical Body) to reflect other important ingredients of wellbeing.

The course consists of eight recorded webinars, hosted by two leading UK experts – Miriam Akhtar MAPP and Dr Chris Johnstone, with an online resource of worksheets, videos, articles, book extracts and discussion forums. The course has been delivered to cohorts over a period of ten years with the content being refined over many iterations. Read the feedback from the Class of 2017 , Class of 2018,  Class of 2019,  Class of 2020 and Class of 2021. It’s moving into a new form now as a recorded course and already gathering great feedback.

“I’ve really enjoyed the mix of webinars, talks, reading material and practical exercises, which have brought the concepts to life. The experiential element has helped me consolidate and understand the practical use of what I’ve been learning. I plan to continue to use these principles on myself and in a coaching setting. I think the thing I have found most surprising is how involved I’ve felt in the course despite it being pre-recorded. The whole experience has not only been educational but heart-warming too.” Caroline, Coach

There are multiple ways you can use the course. For example, you can follow the pattern of the webinars and set a day each week to watch a webinar and then try out the associated practices that you’ll find on our e-learning platform. You can also book coaching sessions to run alongside it to have some 1-to-1 attention.

The course is accredited for CPD by the Association for Coaching. 

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Positive Psychology Foundations