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Plant a positive psychology practice this autumn

The Happiness Training Programme is an 8-week online course starting Weds 23rd September with Miriam Akhtar and Chris Johnstone. The aim of the weekly webinars is to plant positive psychology practices to improve your mood and quality of life […]

10 Steps to Ageing Positively

Every decade of life has its pluses and minuses, it gives and takes away. Yet the image of later life is one of unmitigated loss:-  loss of vitality, loss of work, loss of status, loss of functioning and loss […]

How to Develop Happy, Effective Learners

Miriam is giving a keynote at an education conference in South Wales in July 2015. She’ll be exploring Positive Education – learning that blends the academic side with an education in well-being. There’s ample evidence that shows the connection […]

Open courses this autumn

Two opportunities this autumn. Wherever you are in the world you can join the Happiness Training Programme Online, the 8-week group coaching course with Miriam Akhtar and Dr Chris Johnstone. It starts on Wednesday 23rd September and runs for […]

Walking back to Happiness

The UK’s largest urban walking festival is back. From 1st-31st May the Bristol Walk Fest will play host to a variety of walks. On Sunday 17th May I’ll be leading a walk for well-being around Ashton Court, with Rosalind […]

The 2nd Annual Happiness Lectures Online

The 2015 Annual Happiness Lectures Online is on Thurs 26th March at 1930 (GMT) and previews the Happiness Training Programme Online, which starts on Weds 8th April.

Love is a peak experience and our supreme positive emotion, while having a […]

Sustainable Well-being

Bristol is the European Green Capital for 2015. My home city has long been a hub of progressive thinking and innovation. With its chilled West Coast vibe, Silicon Valley (the largest digital cluster outside London) and Oscar-winning filmmakers, you […]