Miriam Akhtar MAPP is an international keynote speaker and thought leader. She is one of 100 global experts invited to contribute to the World Book of Happiness, which was presented to 200 world leaders. She has a reputation as a highly-engaging speaker and a history of “accidentally inspiring people”. Keynote speeches include the G200 Summit in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Topics: Positive Psychology, Happiness, Wellbeing, Resilience, Positive Psychology at Work, the Happiness Advantage, Wellbeing at Work, Mental Health, Emotional Wellbeing, Positivity, Strengths, Optimism, Post-traumatic Growth, Post-pandemic Growth, Confidence, Imposter syndrome and Travel Wellbeing.

Miriam Akhtar is a powerful speaker with a professional and engaging approach. She is equally at ease in front of a large audience or broadcasting live in a studio. Miriam’s knowledge and enthusiasm for her subject makes her a positive and inspirational speaker, who gets to the heart of the matter. Her warm and friendly manner combined with a pleasing broadcasting voice mean she is often invited to contribute to BBC programmes, who wish to draw on her expertise. Miriam’s background in the broadcast media has given her an insight into effective presentation and storytelling skills that educate, interest and entertain an audience.” Jenny Walmsley, Editor, BBC Radio

Miriam has spoken at conferences and events around the world and online. It started at the University of Bristol’s Happiness Lectures and as positive psychology grew, Miriam was invited to the University of Oxford to join a prestigious panel of Nic Marks, creator of the Happy Planet Index (right) and Prof Mark Williams (left), who developed Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for the launch of Students for Happiness.

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Miriam recently presented a closing keynote speech to Learning in Law’s Annual Conference.  Our theme was New Shoots – Lessons learnt from a Pandemic.  Miriam presented with great knowledge and panache on the subject of Post Traumatic Growth which was the perfect conclusion to our event reflecting on the lessons we have learnt over the past 2 years in the legal industry, the opportunities we can build on as L&D professionals and leaving us with a feeling of shared purpose to take back to our various organisations.  Thanks Miriam what a note to close on!” Jan Holmes, L&D Manager, Taylor Vinters and co-Chair, Learning in Law

“Miriam presented the opening plenary session at our SW Multi-professional educational conference – What is Positive Psychology.   She is an engaging and enthusiastic presenter, setting the positive agenda of the conference day.   She is experienced in her field and was extremely informative and motivational. Her workshops, which she also facilitated at the conference, enabled delegates to continue with the power of positivity and explore the benefit of experiencing positive emotions, enabling positivity practices to add to that ‘feel-good’ factor. I would highly recommend Miriam to any organisation that is looking to inject positivity and well-being into their culture. Dr Jane Thurlow MBChB FRCA, Associate Dean, Professional Education & Development SW Lead, Health Education England South West

“I was searching for a speaker for a popular business networking group that I host and wanted a speaker and topic that would engage everyone in the room – how to be happy at work. Miriam prepared a terrific talk which was insightful, practical and entertaining. I have had many people thank me for finding such an interesting and engaging speaker.” Greg Cooper, LinkedIn Coach & Trainer

“Miriam’s talk on ‘Positive Emotions at Work’ was both inspiring and engaging. She shared practical tips backed up by theory and helped staff to practise their happiness habits through a mixture of discussion and group activities. Miriam was easy to listen to and created a relaxed atmosphere in which the group felt comfortable and able to ask questions and get involved.” Katie Knight, Comic Relief

“I would highly recommend Miriam to any organisation that is looking to inject some wellbeing into their culture. Her presentation is both engaging and interactive; even the most ardent cynics will come away with something of value. We had Miriam deliver an INSET session with our staff and it was very well received. What is great about Miriam is not just her knowledge and expertise, but also her enthusiasm and authenticity which suggests that she lives by the same principles that she is extolling to the group.” Ben Sandford-Smith, Solihull School

“I saw Miriam speak for the first time at the University of Bristol Happiness Lectures. Feeling such a connection and so inspired, I have seen her speak several times since! Weaving a potent mix of experience, research and stories with humour and passion for her subject, you cannot help but absorb every morsel! Her message is one of such importance for all human beings, that I frequently point my friends, colleagues and clients in her direction.” Jen Gash, Creativity Coach


  • Coming Up
  • Mental Health, European Parliament, December 2023
  • Positive Ageing, European Conference on Positive Psychology, July 2024
  • Previous Speaking Engagements
  • Exploring Positive Psychology: The Positive Mindset. Industry event for veterinary profession, October 2023
  • Chair, The Keys to Kindness with Claudia Hammond, Bath Festival, May 2023
  • Positive Mindset, Athens Customer Experience Academy, January 2023
  • Happiness and Success in school: An injection of positive psychology, Norfolk Education conference, November 2022
  • Mindset, Environment Agency, November 2022
  • Positive Psychology, Science of Wellbeing for World Mental Health Day. Milbank, October 22
  • Positive Psychology, South West Multi-Professional Educational Conference, Health Education England, October 2022
  • Gratitude. FinTech company, September 2022
  • Happiness Habits: Strive for Success, Joy Club, September 2022
  • Happiness Habits: Get Physical, Joy Club, August 2022
  • Happiness Habits: Value Relationships, Joy Club, July 2022
  • Happiness Habits: Learning Optimism, Joy Club, June 2022.
  • Playing Human conference, Keynote speech, London, June 2022.
  • Post Pandemic Growth, University of Lisbon, Portugal, May 2022
  • Introducing the Science of Happiness, Charter, London, May 2022.
  • The Meaningful Happiness of Eudaimonic Wellbeing, Joy Club, April 2022.
  • Strengthening the Way Forward, Keynote speech, Learning in Law, London, March 2022.
  • The Power of Positivity. Happiness Habits 1 -3, The Joy Club, February 2022.
  • Beat the January Blues, The Joy Club, January 2022.”Miriam delivered one of our most popular talks to date. She went above and beyond to deliver a great talk and follow-up written piece. Miriam created a safe and comfortable environment and responded sensitively and empathically to personal stories from the audience. Our members left great reviews and requested she return to explore more of her ‘Happiness Habits’. We’re excited to be extending the series as a result of popular demand. Thank you Miriam!” Ellie Cole, Community Manager, The Joy Club.
  • Beyond Blue Monday: The Habits of Happiness, Museum of Happiness, January 2022.
  • Live Well: The Positive Psychology of Happiness, Hurlingham Club, London, September 2021 “Miriam spoke as part of a series of lifestyle talks, and I can certainly say that her talk created the most amount of enthusiasm and buzz in the room.  She was both engaging and insightful and I received many comments on how much the attendees enjoyed and took on board everything she spoke about.  It is always great to hear from someone who truly believes and follows the principles they are speaking about.” Cesca Lowery, Head of Member Events, Hurlingham Club.
  • Emotional Resilience: Keynote, Grenke conference, October 2021 “Miriam is one of those speakers you just love to listen to. Her contribution to our global employee Wellbeing Week was not only characterized by exciting knowledge from the field of positive psychology, but was through her pleasant and calming manner itself a Wellbeing experience that we have enjoyed very much. Thank you for this opportunity!”  GRENKE AG
  • The Future of Happiness, Speakers in Partnership, London, July 2021 “We recently had the pleasure of working with Miriam on our future outlook series, where her thoughts on the future of happiness and positive psychology were a welcome addition to our final event. She participated in a lively and engaging conversation, providing key takeaways for our audience along with some excellent insights, and a value-added Q&A.” Sophie Salome, Senior Manager, Speakers in Partnership
  • The Happiness Advantage, The Wirral, July 2021
  • Confidence and the Imposter Syndrome, MotoNovo Finance, June 2021.
  • Resilience to Post-traumatic Growth, Carpmaels & Ransford, May 2021
  • Positive Psychology in the Pandemic, MotoNovo Finance, February 2021 “It was absolutely fantastic, Miriam. The best webinar we’ve ever organised. Thank you so much, everyone was really appreciative and wrote on the chat how brilliant they thought it was.” Laura Olcelli, Training Manager.
  • Positive Coping and Post-traumatic Growth, Penny Brohn Cancer Care, February 2021
  • Positive Psychology in a Time of Pandemic, January 2021.
  • The Positive in the Pandemic; Bounce Back from the Past to Create a Better Future. Keynote speech, Dolby Talks, October 2020.  “Miriam was speaking at the first virtual Dolby Talks conference. Her professionalism and positive attitude inspired the audience. Miriam shared some strategies on how to manage stress and how to keep positive in the Pandemic. Even though we experienced some technical problems, Miriam did a fantastic job! Working with Miriam has been an absolute pleasure. I highly recommend her as a speaker”. Lukasz Bratek, Senior Director, Dolby Poland
  • Post Traumatic Growth after a Cancer Diagnosis, Penny Brohn Cancer Care, July 2020.
  • Positive Psychology for the Corona Crisis, Association for Coaching, May 2020.
  • Cultivating Happiness in a Crisis, Museum of Happiness, April 2020.
  • Happiness at Work online summit, Nov 2019.
  • More than Medicine, Penny Brohn national conference, Bristol, Nov 2019
  • Positive Psychology Coaching, Positive Psychology in Practice, Utrecht, Oct 2019
  • Happy at Work, LinkedIn Local, Social Media Week, Bristol, June 2019
  • Reasons to Embrace Travel for a Happy and Healthy Holiday,
  • London, May 2019
  • Camping in the Forest, Radio day,  London, April 2019
  • How to Travelproof your Mind, Business Travel Show, London Olympia, Feb 2019
  • The Power of Positivity, Viacom, London, January 2019
  • Happiness and Health, A Vogel, London,  January 2019
  • The Low Patient, Bristol, November 2018
  • What does Positive Psychology have to offer Lifestyle Medicine, London, September 2018.
  • Making a Habit out of Happiness, Healthspan, London, July 2018.
  • The Positivity Panel, Ryvita with Cancer Research UK,  London, March, June 2018
  • Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression, University of Kent, March 2018
  • Happiness Habits, Hadlow College, Kent, March 2018
  • Positive Psychology In Practice, 26th April, Danubius Hotel, London. Keynote speech.
  • What is Post-traumatic Growth, book launch, London, June 2017
  • Second Wave Positive Psychology in Practice, University of Lisbon, May 2017
  • The Power of Positivity, business conference, Athens, May 2017
  • The Growth Mindset, BBC, March 2017
  • Sustainable Well-being, Stella McCartney, March 2017
  • Resilience – Personal Resourcing, Nationwide, December 2016
  • Stressing the Positive, Imperial Healthcare, December 2016
  • The Pursuit of Happiness, National Women’s Register conference, October 2016
  • Positive Leadership, Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, Ljubljana, September 2016
  • Keynote speech, the Positive Psychology Marathon, Ljubljana, September 2016.
  • Perceiving Happiness, G200 Youth Summit, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, April 2016.
  • Resilience, Penny Brohn Cancer Care, Somerset, February 2016
  • Think, Tedx event, University of Stirling, April 2016.
  • Blue Monday, Bristol, January 2016.
  • Positive Psychology in Leadership, McCormick emerging talent event, Oxford, December 2015.
  • Positive Leadership: Resilience & Relationships, Pope, Wainwright & Wykes, London, October 2015.
  • What I have gained with age?  Sunday Telegraph/Dove event. Invited speaker alongside Dame Jenni Murray. London. August 2015.
  • Positive Education. How to Create Happy, Effective Learners. Keynote speech at education conference in Wales, July 2015.
  • Making a Habit of Happiness. Public lecture, University of Lisbon, May 2015.
  • What Does it Mean to be Happy? Launch of Students for Happiness, University of Oxford, alongside Prof Mark Williams & Nic Marks, May 2015.
  • The 2nd Annual Happiness Lectures Online on Love & Purpose, March 2015.
  • Sustainable Happiness, The Better Lives Series, British Psychological Society & London College of Fashion, January 2015.
  • How to Coach Strengths, Bristol & Bath Coaching Network, September 2014
  • Positive Psychology, Science of Strengths & Well-being, Solihull School, August 2014.
  • Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression: A Bibliotherapy Intervention, ENPP conference, Amsterdam, July 2014
  • Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression: A workshop at the ENPP conference, Amsterdam, July 2014
  • Positive Emotions at Work, Comic Relief, June 2014
  • The Happiness Lectures on Sustainable Happiness, May 2014
  • Positive Relationships, University of Lisbon, March 2014
  • Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression, MSc Sports Psychology, Brunel University, Jan 2014
  • Strengths-based Working with Young People, Cardiff Against Bullying conference, Nov 2013
  • Positive Psychology for Resilience, Keynote speech, Legal Ombudsman, Nov 2013
  • Happiness Habits, School for Social Entrepreneurs, Bristol, Oct 2013
  • The How of Happiness, Hawkwood College, Stroud, Oct 2013
  • Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression, University of Lisbon, June 2013
  • Positive psychology for Overcoming Depression, keynote speech, ENPP conference, University of Brno, Czech Republic, May 2013.
  • Positive Emotions, ENPP conference at the University of Brno, Czech Republic, May 2013.
  • Positive Psychology Interventions in Practice, University of East London, May 2013. Also 2009-12.
  • The Positive Psychology of Bookwriting, Alternatives, London, May 2013
  • Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression, Alternatives, London, January 2013
  • Positive Psychology for Mental Health, Bristol Mind AGM, Nov 2012
  • Interrogate Happiness festival alongside Prof Richard Layard (Action for Happiness) & Sue Baker (Time for Change). Oct 2012
  • Positive Psychology Coaching, Bristol & Bath Coaching Network, May 2012
  • Positive Psychology at Work, 02, Apr 2012
  • Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression, Penny Brohn Cancer Care, April 2012
  • The Science of Happiness, Women’s Institute, Bleadon, Jan 2012
  • Positive Psychology Interventions, University of the West of England, 2011, 2012.
  • The Science of Happiness, University of Bath, 2011.
  • Positive Psychology for Depression, Keynote speech, The Bristol Happiness Lectures, May 2010.

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