Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset is an essential for both personal and professional development and is one of the lesser-known foundations in positive mindset psychology. It is a principle that governs whether we reach our potential or plateau and has major implications for  It is a concept described by Prof Carol Dweck from Stanford University, in her ground-breaking book, which sets out a formula for success at work and in life. Mindsets refers to our beliefs about our talents and whether we think that our abilities are set in stone (you’re born smart or sporty, for instance) or open for development. People fall into one of the two mindsets – fixed or growth and this has enormous implications for how we develop throughout our lives. Adopting a growth mindset can put you on course to flourish. It was through the growth mindset that Miriam was able to develop into a positive psychology practitioner and grow a flourishing business.



We offer training in the growth mindset as a half-day workshop or as a full-day in combination with resilience and other areas of positive psychology. One of our associates is currently working with Prof Dweck on a study applying the growth mindset with tech start-ups in Silicon Valley.

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  • Learn how to spot your mindset
  • Understand the differences between the growth & fixed mindset
  • Find out how to grow your mindset
  • Discover how the growth mindset can help you to success at work.
  • Understand how the growth mindset supports your personal development.
  • Learn how a growth mindset can help you recover your well-being.
  • Find out how to prime the brain for a growth mindset.

“Just a quick note to say thank you for today, you pack a lot in and it felt really valuable. I hope lots of it resonated with the team, it did for me.” Creative Director, BBC

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