Well-being Week


Well-being Week!


We offer a multiplicity of options for your Workplace Well-being or Well-being Week. Here’s a couple of ideas to get you started. We can often adapt something you’ll find on the website to suit you.

A Happy Hour workshop eg. one of our Happiness Habits, or Happiness Zones or one of our positive psychology workshops such as a Positive Psychology Foundations session.

A talk on positive psychology, the science of well-being. View some of Miriam’s recent engagements as a keynote speaker.

“Miriam’s session on ‘Positive Emotions at Work’ for Well-being Week was both inspiring and engaging. She shared practical tips backed up by theory and helped staff to practice their happiness habits through a mixture of discussion and group activities. Miriam was easy to listen to and created a relaxed atmosphere in which the group felt comfortable and able to ask questions and get involved.” Katie Knight, Comic Relief.

Miriam was one of the health practitioners who created Bristol’s Healthy City week as part of the European Green Capital year. It’s now an annual event. I can heartily recommend some of the other people involved in delivering well-being week sessions including Yoga for Well-being, Netwalking South-West, Attic Tea and the Bristol Health Hub.