The Happiness Zones

This is an 8-session programme in which we explore the knowledge and tools that cultivate happiness. All the zones are based on key themes from positive psychology, covering the major routes to well-being. The course helps develop 4 types of well-being – hedonic (positive emotions), eudaimonic (meaning & engagement), social and physical well-being. This programme was originally created for young people and has been highlighted by the Academy of Social Sciences as an example of best practice in mental well-being. It was also featured in the American Psychology Association Addictions Harvard Fall 2015  newsletter. It has gone on to inspire other evidence-based programmes including the Happiness Habits.

Feel Good Zone – This session serves as an introduction to the science of happiness and its best-known element – positive emotions. How positivity not only feels good but does you good too.
Future Zone – Optimism for a positive future. This session explores the glass half-full in the present (achieved through the practice of gratitude) and then extends that glass half-full into the future, exploring ways to cultivate optimism.
Strengths Zone – Discover your natural talents. In this session we look at how you are when you’re at your best, helping you to identify your strengths and finding ways to apply them to build your well-being and realise your potential.
Change Zone – Goal-setting & motivation. This session explores the psychology of change and uses coaching tools. Planning your life, setting goals and finding the motivation to make it happen.
Relationships Zone – Building positive relationships. The top 10% of happy people have good close relationships and active social lives. This session explores ways to nurture your relationships and avoid the pitfalls that harm them.
Bounceback Zone – Developing resilience skills to bounce back from life’s tough times and come through life’s adversities. How to use optimistic thinking to defeat energy-sapping negativity.
Chill Zone – Relaxation & meditation techniques. This session explores natural ways of slowing down the brain to relax and renew. We teach simple mindfulness tools
Body Zone – Tools for physical well-being. How food affects mood and how physical activity can be used as emotional first-aid as well as a way to deal with depression and anxiety.