Resilience in the Face of Trauma

Resilience in the Face of Trauma

In Conversation With: Positive psychologist Miriam Akhtar and author Tara Lal on how to build resilience in the face of grief and trauma.

How do we survive when a life-changing trauma shatters our assumptions about the world, and move beyond that to experience post-traumatic growth?

This conversation brings positive psychology into the context of the real world. It combines two perspectives: a personal one from Tara, who lived through and ultimately made peace with childhood trauma and suicide, and a professional one from Miriam, as an expert in the field.

Together, Miriam and Tara illustrate how it is possible to move beyond the stress and destruction associated with trauma towards a life of greater meaning, purpose and connection.

Monday 21st September 7.00pm – 8.30pm  (Tea and book signings: 8.30pm – 9.00pm)  £10/£15.

Book via the Isbourne Centre in Cheltenham.

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