Positive Psychology Self-Help for Depression

Positive Psychology Self-Help for Depression

blue-smiley-facesBeat the winter blues and halt the downwards spiral into depression. Join Miriam for a 4-week online course based on her book Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression which shows you how to use evidence-based tools from the science of happiness to recover your well-being. The course runs throughout the worst of winter from January 21st – February 11th 2015 and will see you through into a flourishing spring.

Starting on Wednesday 21st January 2015, the course involves a 75-minute webinar each week (at 7.30pm UK time, 11.30am US PT, 2.30pm US ET, 8.30pm Europe CET) offering input, interaction and group-based coaching support. We will create a community to support each other through the process.

Weds 21st January 2015 : Session 1 on Positive Emotions – the Feel-Good Factor. This session explores how to increase the experience of positive emotions, which are typically low in depression. We’ll look at the scientifically-grounded strategies that help you towards the feel-good factor, which with practice raises the level of your resilience and well-being. Supported by chapters 3-5 of Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression.

Weds 28th January 2015 : Session 2 on the Positive You – Your Strengths. In depression we tend to a poor self-image and low self-esteem. Your strengths are your Positive Self and provide you with inner resources to help you on the journey out of depression. We explore your positive characteristics and how they can give you a sense of meaning and direction in life, both of which are lacking in depression. Supported by chapters 11-12.

Weds 4th February 2015 : Session 3 on Positive Recovery – Resilience & Optimism. After considering Positive Emotions and the Positive Self, this session will look at what is often referred to as ‘Positive Thinking’, the cognitive tools that challenge pessimism and build optimism, a key ingredient of resilience. We’ll also consider other routes from positive psychology to support our capacity to cope positively and bounce back from life’s tough times. Supported by chapters 7-8.

Week 11th February 2015 : Session 4 on Positive Other – Mind, Body, Spirit & Other People. Depression is a complex condition with many symptoms and causes. In this session we will consider other practices that help us to recover and protect us from the black dog. From instant mood boosters to mindfulness meditation and natural anti-depressants like physical activity. We’ll also consider how other people can help us on the way out of depression. Supported by chapters 6, 9 and 10.

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