Happiness Training ONLINE

Happiness Training ONLINE

A big date for Positive Psychology Training – the launch of The Happiness Training Programme ONLINE, an 8-week group coaching course, co-facilitated by Miriam Akhtar and Dr Chris Johnstone based on their CD The Happiness Training Plan.  You can replay the free webinar which previews the course.

The course kicks off on Weds September 24th. Each session is 90 minutes long and includes a mix of new content, discussion, experiential practice and group coaching.

Session 1 – The How of Sustainable Happiness. We introduce two dimensions of happiness and apply a growth mindset to growing sustainable happiness. Experiential practice of savouring & gratitude tools – how happiness grows more from wanting what we have than having what we want. We’ll be looking at how savouring, appreciation and expressing thanks are foundational skills for improving mood. Supported by CD tracks 1 & 12.

Session 2 – The Positive Self. Using our Strengths and Living with Purpose. This session on Strengths explores our positive qualities and natural talents. Strengths are our inner resources that help us reach happiness and resolve issues. They are also a way into experiencing flow and provide a source of meaning and purpose in life. Supported by CD tracks 2 & 3.

Session 3 –  Learning Optimism. Learn the tried and tested flexible thinking tools that challenge pessimism and grow our realistic optimism and active hope. Whatever we face, we always have choice over the perspective we take. We look at how realistic optimism is a learnable skill.  Supported by CD track 7.

Session 4 – Nurturing Relationships.  How to tend to a major source of our happiness – relationships and grow our sense of connection and belonging. Supported by CD track 9.

Session 5 – Strengthening Resilience.  How to bounce back from tough times. Resilience includes our ability to make the best of things, cope with adversity and rise to the occasion. We look at how to grow this life-enhancing quality, as well as help it grow in others. Supported by CD tracks 8 & 4.

Session 6 – Positive Body. Looking after the body-mind connection with a diet for happiness and physical activity for pleasure. We look at how physical factors such as diet, exercise and the way we breathe, can have an important impact on the way we feel. Supported by CD tracks 5, 6 & 11.

Session 7 – Spiritual Happiness. Spirituality concerns our relationship with the bigger picture around us, giving us a sense of belonging and purpose. We look at spiritual practice including mindfulness, the spiritual practice of the East. Supported by CD track 10.

Session 8 – Positive Directions.  How do you change the story of your life so that it supports happiness in yourself and others? We look at developing goals, finding ways through obstacles and making changes that can lift your life as well as your mood as you move into a more sustainable happiness. Supported by CD tracks 4 & 12.

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The course runs for eight weeks and involves a weekly teleseminar at 7.30pm UK time, plus access to online resources, including summary tutorials, audio, video and a group discussion forum. What makes this course unique is that you will be coached by two of the leading names in European positive psychology, bridging Western and Eastern approaches to happiness training.

The course costs £120 (approx $195 or €145) with a concessionary rate of £80 (c $134 or €98). You can book your place directly at this link through paypal. Please email Miriam if you have any questions about the course.

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