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Men’s Health

Miriam was quoted in the May edition of Men’s Health magazine (Vin Diesel on the cover) in an article on balancing your career – how prioritising happiness over hard work can boost your performance and help you towards your […]

Research published in the Journal of Groupwork

My research paper – Applying positive psychology to alcohol-misusing adolescents: a group intervention – has been published in the academic journal Groupwork. You can read the PDF of the article in Positive Youth Development under the Positive Psychology tab.

Two positive psychology books featuring chapters by Miriam

Miriam has contributed chapters in two recently published positive psychology books.

The World Book of Happiness: The knowledge and wisdom of one hundred happiness professors from all around the world. Miriam wrote the chapter entitled Training the Happy Muscles. The […]

World Mental Health Day

Miriam appeared on the Healthy Living show on Radio Ujima, Bristol’s community radio station to offer tips on positive mental health.

Top Sante, September 2010

Miriam is the positive psychology expert featured in Leah Hardy’s article on her month of living by the experts’ rules.  Leah reaps the wellbeing benefits from taking the strengths quiz and then finding new […]