Positive Psychology Training puts the science of optimal functioning and well-being into practice for your personal and professional life, with a range of applications to help you feel good, function well and flourish. We provide training, consultancy, coaching, content and resources in positive psychology. Company founder Miriam Akhtar is one of the UK’s leading  practitioners of positive psychology and a global happiness expert who contributed to the World Book of Happiness. She holds the prestigious MSc in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), established by Prof Martin Seligman “to make the world a happier place” and is a visiting lecturer on MAPP programmes in the UK and Europe. Positive Psychology Training specialises in positive psychology tools and interventions, designing and delivering well-being programmes such as the Happiness Habits and the Happiness Zones, selected as an example of best practice in mental well-being by the Academy of Social Sciences. You can book some coaching, commission some training or participate in one of our courses such as the Happiness Training Programme Online and the 2-day Positive Psychology Masterclass. Resources include the bestseller Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression: Self-help Strategies for Happiness, Inner Strength & Well-being , a groundbreaking guide to using the science of happiness to recover well-being and the Happiness Training Plan audio programme. If you have specific questions or are considering a career in positive psychology there’s an option to pick my brain for a bite-sized consultation. For the latest news please follow @pospsychologist on Twitter and ‘like’ the Facebook page. 

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