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We deliver training in wellbeing and resilience along with other positive psychology programmes. Led by Miriam Akhtar, a leading expert based in the UK, alongside a team of qualified coaches and consultants. Find out more about Positive Psychology Training

Positive Psychology Masterclass

Join two of the UK’s leading positive psychology experts for a Masterclass.

The Masterclass brings together the best of positive psychology with the knowledge and tools to put the science into practice.

Happiness and Wellbeing

Authentic Happiness, Positivity and PERMA.

These courses are designed to grow your personal wellbeing.

Resilience and Mental Health

Resources to build your resilience and enhance your mental health.

Use positive psychology to recover your wellbeing

Wellbeing at Work

Courses and coaching to support workplace wellbeing. Apply the science of optimal functioning to flourish.

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Pick My Brain!

For a brief consultation on any aspect of positive psychology.

A pick-my-brain session costs £50 for a 30-minute consultation on the phone, Zoom or Skype

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