Positive Psychology Training

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We are experts in positive psychology, drawing on the science to create solutions to enhance wellbeing, resilience, a positive mindset and success. Under the Training menu you’ll find a range of bespoke training. The Wellbeing menu has options to enhance personal wellbeing. The Work menu covers the in-house training we deliver into organisational settings to help people function at their best.

Positive Psychology Training was founded by Miriam Akhtar MAPP in 2010 to put positive psychology into practice and has become one of the leading providers of positive psychology training in the UK. We offer coaching, consultancy and training solutions for happiness and success, for personal wellbeing and professional development. With a team of experts and qualified associates on board we help people develop a positive mindset so that individuals and businesses can flourish. Explore Miriam Akhtar‘s books.

We design and deliver in-house training, helping people develop their strengths so that they perform at their best. Our clients range across the business and not-for-profit sectors along with social enterprises and include  healthcare, financial services, the creative industries, education, environment, green business, defence, law, the media. As we move into our second decade, our focus is on how positive psychology provides a scientifically-grounded solution to many of the challenges that organisations face. Resilience and wellbeing are two of the major strands of training. Wellbeing is central to performance and productivity and is the driver of growth, especially now as we reset and recover from the pandemic. Strengths are the toolkit we use in positive psychology and offers the greatest potential for growth.

Alongside the in-house training, we run short, open courses combining the essential knowledge and practical tools of positive psychology in a format that works for busy lives. The Positive Psychology Masterclass has an introductory course based on the PERMA model and an advanced course on positive psychology at work. The Positive Psychology Foundations is an online course. The complete 2022 course is now available to buy as a package with recorded webinars and other resources.