Wellbeing is at the heart of a fulfilled life. This applies as much at work as it does in our home life. There is a strong link from wellbeing to performance and productivity. As we recover from COVID a recent report shows that for every £1 invested in wellbeing, a company can expect to gain £5.30 in reduced sickness and absenteeism.

This workshop explores the 5 ways to wellbeing in Prof Martin Seligman’s PERMA model (2011), described in the book Flourish. It’s a practical workshop, with a clear explanation of how the PERMA model can be applied to increase wellbeing.

P = Positive Emotions. This is the most recognisable form of happiness. It’s those moments of joy and the abundance of positive emotions. You will try out the tools that build positivity.

E = Engagement. This is about being engaged with whatever you’re doing. Flow is the state of complete absorption where you are ‘in the zone’. Engaging your strengths is a route into flow and a significant part of engagement. Your strengths are you at your best – your positive qualities and talents.

R = Relationships. ‘Other people matter’ for our well-being. We all have a need for a sense of belonging and connection. The happiest people on the planet have close relationships and active social lives. Here we look at how to nurture relationships so that they flourish.

M = Meaning.  This is the route into a deeper form of happiness, which comes when you have a sense of meaning and purpose. If you put effort into a source of meaning, you gain the happiness known as eudaimonic well-being.

A = Achievement and Acomplishment.  The fifth pathway explores the psychology of motivation and what it takes to achieve success.

This workshop can be booked to be delivered in-house and is tailored to suit the needs of the organisation.