Authentic Happiness

What makes us happy?

This question has been the subject of debate since the Ancient Greeks and now there is a scientific study of happiness which is providing answers. We have the facts and figures as to what does and doesn’t make a difference to our wellbeing. Authentic Happiness by Prof Martin Seligman is the book that put positive psychology, as the science of happiness, on the map. There are two dimensions:

  1. Hedonic wellbeing is the more familiar happiness which is about feeling good and experiencing pleasure and enjoyment.
  2. Eudaimonic wellbeing is the deeper kind of happiness which comes from having meaning and purpose in life and realising your potential. There are three pathways to authentic happiness – pleasure, meaning and engagement:
  1. The Pleasant Life is the experience of pleasure, enjoyment and positive emotions.  
  2. The Engaged Life is about having experiences of flow (‘in the zone’) and using your strengths. 
  3. The Meaningful Life is about serving a purpose that goes beyond the self.


In a nutshell the formula for Authentic Happiness is the good feelings you get from engaging your strengths in the service of something meaningful.   


This uplifting workshop will introduce you to the scientifically-grounded tools that help you feel good and function well and raise the bar on your happiness. Miriam is one of 100 worldwide experts who contributed to the World Book of Happiness, given to 200 world leaders with a request to put well-being on their national agenda. She has been delivering happiness workshops and running happiness retreats for a decade. She co-presents the Happiness Training Plan and is the author of the forthcoming Little Book of Happiness (2019).