Growth Mindset

Discover the mindset for achieving success



The Growth Mindset explains why it’s not just our abilities and talents that bring us success but how we approach our goals. Mindsets refers to the beliefs that we hold, whether we think our abilities are set in stone (the fixed mindset) or open to development (the growth mindset). These mindsets have enormous implications for personal and professional development and whether we reach our potential in life or plateau.

The Growth Mindset is the result of research by Prof Carol Dweck at Stanford University and is backed by neuroscience. It is one of the principles in positive psychology – that we can learn optimism, develop our strengths and grow our happiness. It sets out a formula for success at work and in life.  Operating in a growth mindset is essential for any entrepreneur or anyone embarking on a new venture. It was by adopting a growth mindset that Miriam was able to develop a flourishing business.

At Positive Psychology Training we understand the significance of the growth mindset and offer sessions and workshops, either as standalone or in combination with resilience or other areas of positive psychology. One of our associates is currently working with Prof Dweck applying the growth mindset with tech start-ups in Silicon Valley, USA.


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  • Understand the differences between the growth & fixed mindset
  • Spot your mindset
  • Prime the brain for a growth mindset.
  • Discover how the growth mindset can help you succeed at work.
  • Understand how the growth mindset supports your personal development.
  • Learn how a growth mindset can help you raise and recover your well-being.

This workshop can be booked to be delivered in-house and is tailored to suit the needs of the organisation. If you want to participate in a course you are welcome to attend one of our open courses – the Positive Psychology Masterclass or the online Positive Psychology Foundations.

“Just a quick note to say thank you for today, you packed a lot in and it felt really valuable. I hope lots of it resonated with the team, it certainly did for me.” Creative Director, BBC.

Miriam delivered a fantastic session that was both thought provoking and positive. Bringing together elements of growth mindset, positive psychology and strengths profiling enabled staff to self-reflect, learn about each other and take away some fantastic tips for applying growth mindset on a day to day basis. A very positive way to begin the new term and will look forward to seeing how this training benefits us over time. Thank you Miriam!” Nick Evans, Head teacher, Ridgeway School, Warwick.


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