Positive Mindset

Be positive. Think positive. Get a Positive Mental Attitude’. These are all popular affirmations but what do they really mean in practice?

Positive psychology provides expert knowledge and tools to develop an authentic positive mindset. Positive cognition, emotions and behaviours all contribute, developing the ability to think creatively and innovate, to raise the bar on wellbeing, to transform ourselves and our lives and promote growth and success. This training brings together key elements from the science that can help you develop a positive mindset.

Growth Mindset: Carol Dweck’s research on fixed and growth mindsets reveals the attitudes and behaviours necessary for personal and business growth. Adopting a growth mindset is a key building block to develop a positive mindset.

Optimism is choosing to believe in the possibility of positive outcomes and behaving in such a way that those positive outcomes are more likely to happen. It is the ‘positive thinking’ at the heart of the positive mindset. Being flexible in the way we think, motivated and solutions-focused will increase the likelihood of success. It’s also important to challenge pessimistic thinking which can lead to self-fulfilling prophecies. The ability to conceive of a positive future, aka ‘prospection’, is one of the greatest psychological skills for success.

Positivity is the tendency to focus on the positive in life. The net effect is the frequent experience of positive emotions. Positive emotions not only feel good, they do us good too – broadening the mind and building resources that can help us flourish.

Strengths are your assets. How you are at your best – the Positive You. Getting to know your strengths boosts confidence and motivation, and applying them gives you your greatest potential for growth. Strengths are also the inner resources that can help you keep going in tough times like the pandemic.

Having a positive mindset isn’t just about accentuating the positive. Resilience is also key, which helps maintain wellbeing in unfavourable conditions, so that you can thrive in spite of adversity.

One sure way to develop more of a positive mindset across the workplace is to focus on building Positive Psychological Capital. PsyCap is an organisational resource that has been linked to high performance, personal wellbeing and positive change. It is made up of four distinct elements from positive psychology, that all combine to reinforce each other and create a higher resource, so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Become a HERO – develop Hope, Efficacy, Resilience and Optimism to grow PsyCap and experience the benefits at work.

All these areas (and more!) contribute to a positive mindset which will equip you to succeed. We will put together a half-day or full-day course for your workplace that responds to your particular needs.