Positive Mindset

‘Be positive’, ‘think positive’, ‘adopt a positive mental attitude’ are the affirmations that are often given as pathways to happiness and success. Positive psychology has generated solid knowledge and evidence-based practices which go beyond the platitudes to help you develop an authentic positive mindset. Thoughts, emotions and behaviours all contribute to a positive mindset, promoting the ability to think outside of the box and do things differently to how they have ‘always’ been done.This bespoke training brings together some of the key elements (see below) from the science that can help you develop a positive mindset, enabling wellbeing at work and success.

Growth Mindset: Carol Dweck’s work on fixed and growth mindset reveal the essential behaviours for personal and business growth.

Positive psychological capital (PsyCap) is a workplace resource that leads to better teamwork and supports positive change. A positive mindset helps develop PsyCap so be a HERO – develop your Hope, Efficacy, Resilience and Optimism to grow your PsyCap.

Optimism is choosing to believe in the possibility of positive outcomes and behaving in such a way that those positive outcomes are more likely to happen. It is the ‘positive thinking’ at the heart of the positive mindset but is about realistic rather than blind optimism. Being flexible in our thinking, motivated, solutions-focused and putting the effort in will increase the likelihood of success, while challenging the pessimistic thinking which can lead us to give up. The ability to conceive of a positive future, aka ‘prospection’, is one of the greatest skills for wellbeing.

Positivity is the tendency to focus on the positive in life and the positive emotions that this generates. Having frequent experience of positivity not only feels good, it does us good too – it broadens the mind and builds resources that help us flourish.

Strengths are how you are at your best – the Positive You. Getting to know your strengths and applying them gives you the greatest potential for growth and the inner strength to keep going when things get tough.

Resilience is the positive mindset that helps you survive and thrive in unfavourable conditions and cope positively to maintain wellbeing.

All these areas (and more!) contribute to a positive mindset which will empower you to succeed. Choose what’s most relevant to your workplace and we will put together a half-day or full-day course.