The Happiness Lectures Online

The Happiness Lectures Online


happinesslectures_flyer_largeBetween 2006 and 2010 the Bristol Happiness Lectures established a reputation for being inspiring events with leading speakers on the science of wellbeing. Developed by Dr Chris Johnstone with the University of Bristol, contributors have included Oliver James (2008), Ilona Boniwell (2007), Raj Persaud (2006), Phil Hammond (2010) and Miriam Akhtar (2010).

Now the Happiness Lectures are back, free and online from the comfort of your home! On Thursday May 22nd Miriam Akhtar and Chris Johnstone explored Sustainable Happiness – how to plant, cultivate and grow happiness with staying power with special guest Mark Williamson, director of Action for Happiness.

Sustainable happiness is a stable and renewable form of happiness that nourishes rather than depletes us. Less about the peaks of positive emotion and more about the deeper sense of meaning and purpose.  It is a form of happiness that is collaborative – about ‘we’ as well as ‘me’ –  and goes beyond the self to our connection to the bigger world. A happiness in the present that doesn’t rob it from the future. It is something that develops slowly and is stable over the long term. Sustainable happiness is good for us and the world around us. It is strong and much needed in our times.


 Unsustainable Happiness    Sustainable Happiness
 Drinking  Hangover
 Impulse Buy  Stress of Debt
 Binge Eating  Guilt & Weight  Gain
 Freedom of the Road  Climate  Change
   Act of kindness  Deeper friendship
 Effort in learning  Satisfaction of  achievement
 Using strengths  Realising potential
 Meaningful work  Sense of vocation
 Appreciating beauty  Care for the  environment

Over the years many positives have come out of the Happiness Lectures. A chance encounter at the 2007 event put Miriam on the path to becoming a pioneer of positive psychology practice. In 2008 Chris and Miriam launched the Happiness Training Plan ( And in 2010 the fledgling Happy City Initiative set out their vision, which would culminate in Bristol becoming the 2015 European Green Capital.

Missed the Happiness Lectures?

Here’s the link to replay the webinar.

The Happiness Lectures previews the 8-week online Happiness Training Programme which starts on 24th September 2014.

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