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Like to find out more? Got a question you want answered? Or want guidance on embarking on a career in positive psychology?

You can ask me anything.

I have over a decade’s experience of applying positive psychology in a variety of settings.

Please get in touch via the pick my brain page

£50 for a 50 minute session.


HTPcoverThe Happiness Training Plan presented by Dr Chris Johnstone and Miriam Akhtar

The Happiness Training Plan is a self-help audio programme based on positive psychology and using evidence-based tools from the science of happiness. The CD is designed to have an anti-depressant effect, to help you raise and recover your well-being. It condenses what is known about increasing happiness into 12 easy-to-follow tracks, which each lasts around 5 minutes. The strategies draw on scientific research together with the presenters’ personal experiences of overcoming depression. The programme was launched at the 2008 University of Bristol Happiness Lectures. In 2012 the CD became available as a downloadable MP3.

A download can be purchased from The Happiness Training Plan website.


Personal Resilience in an hourHow to bounce forward when facing bumpy times | Dr Chris Johnstone

This course introduces seven practical strategies to strengthen your resilience, with step-by-step practices that help you deal with and/or recover from setbacks, adversities and challenges. It includes an hour of video content presented in 18 engaging episodes, with downloadable supporting pdf handouts for each strategy. The course is based on research proven methods and the trainer’s three decades of experience teaching resilience skills.

Develop your ability to deal with the dips, knocks and bumps in life.

To purchase the course please click the following link through to the Personal Resilience in an Hour website.

Untitled-2The Positive Psychology Practitioner’s Toolkit

The ‘Positive Psychology Practitioner’s Toolkit’ is an online database containing 80+ exercises, activities, interventions, questionnaires and assessments. It can be used with coaching clients, students, team members or employees to increase performance and wellbeing.

To purchase please visit the Positive Psychology Practitioner’s Toolkit website.