Wellness Retreats

The Happiness Retreat – wellness with meaning

P2014-09-28 16.59.21icture yourself in a beautiful, natural location on a break that feeds mind, body and spirit.

A peaceful place to relax and renew.
Delicious food that’s freshly prepared for you.  
Sessions of yoga and meditation.
The perfect setting for a course in happiness.

A wellness retreat is a great way to immerse yourself in positive psychology and take the time out to discover what makes you happy, what gives your life meaning and purpose and to plan for a positive future.

“I took a week-long ‘ how to be happy’ course with Miriam. The course was inspiring with plenty of thought-provoking yet fun interaction. I found myself really able to connect with my strengths, something I’ve been unable to do previously. Miriam is a fantastic facilitator and I ended the week with a solid yet surprising resolve. Since returning I’ve found new vigour and purpose, somehow things that might have stressed me, no longer do.  I’d recommend this course for anyone and everyone….just bring an open mind, a desire to be happy and a playfulness.” Ingrid

Positive Psychology Training runs weekend and week-long workshops where you can sample the science of happiness and explore the practices that raise your well-being and make a habit of happiness. You’ll come away feeling uplifted, with a new sense of purpose and your personal toolbox of happiness boosters. Explore the positive side of life in an environment that enhances the process. To give you a flavour, below are details of some of the workshops we ran in 2016. Currently we are incubating and will be launching the Happiness Retreat in collaboration with Practically Positive. This is likely to be a weekend wellness retreat in autumn 2017. If you’re interested in knowing more, drop us a line.

Do you run a spa or retreat? If you have the right environment for the how of happiness, then we have the right content for you. These are some of the ingredients that feature on the Happiness Retreat.

  • The Power of Positivity
  • The Feel-good Factor of Positive Emotions
  • Flow: Being ‘in the zone’
  • Meaning & Purpose
  • Strengths: You at Your Best
  • Positive Relationships: Other People Matter
  • Resilience: How to Bounce Back
  • Optimism: Look forward with Confidence
  • Positive Directions: Discover your Life Purpose

2016 Retreats: Across the Year

hawkwoodwinterHappy New You, Hawkwood College, Glos. Winter 2016 

This New Year retreat at Hawkwood College, a stunning holistic venue, in the Cotswolds near Stroud. This is a fun, uplifting and inspiring retreat using positive psychology, the science of well-being, to build your House of Happiness. We’ll explore the how of happiness, sample the simple practices that science has shown will grow your well-being and reflect on what your wishes for the New Year. You will come away with a toolkit to develop a happy new you and a plan of action for a happy new year. Some comments from previous participants.

“Hi Miriam,  thank you for a great course. A nice group and I found much to ponder and think about in a positive way of course!  We were so blessed to have been able to have it in such a wonderful place with the added bonus of beautiful weather.”2013-09-28 11.17.52

“Marvellous and inspirational. Tremendous.”… “Excellent. Very good course, well presented.”… “Plenty to inwardly digest. Well thought out and presented.”  “Lovely grounds, lovely food, friendly and approachable tutor, friendly and welcoming staff.”

“Found a woodblock wall plaque with the following  inscription: “BE AWAKE to the songs of singing birds, the warmth of the sun and the small joys that have no words”. Sounds like gratitude &  savouring to me! It’s now on my wall as a reminder. Thanks again for a great weekend. See you next Autumn, if not before, for the How of Happiness 3.”


How to be Happy and Laugh Your Socks Off: Miriam Akhtar with Nigel Shamash, La Roane, France. Summer 2016

13996204_1019517324835248_8318908056969554062_o (1)An uplifting, fun and practical exploration of the how of happiness that delivers the feel-good factor and will put a smile on your face. Miriam introduces habits of happiness from positive psychology that include savouring positive experiences, practising gratitude, playing to your strengths and learning optimism. You are welcomed by Nigel Shamash, who hosts walks and excursions and offers sessions of laughter yoga, hatha yoga, chi kung and singing. Through the week you experience the power of positive emotions and how they can spark your creativity, lower stress and transform your life. You also discover ‘flow’, the state of happiness which puts you ‘in the zone’. Alongside peak moments of laughter and joy, we dive into a deeper kind of 14040072_10154754760729123_270160940469270301_nhappiness to explore your meaning and purpose in life.  We help you identify your strengths, find out how you are at your best and share the techniques that help you view the glass as half-full.

Tank up on positivity, with the healing benefits of laughter and a toolbox of happiness boosters that put you on the path to feel good, function well and flourish. Find out more about La Roane and its genial host Nigel Shamash.