Wellbeing at Work


Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing is at the core of what it takes to flourish, both as individuals and businesses. You don’t get performance and productivity without workplace wellbeing. There is a proven link between wellbeing and success. This is the Happiness Advantage. When employees are functioning well, not only do they succeed but so does their organisation. It’s a win:win. Happy employees are more productive, creative and resilient. Employee wellbeing is linked to positive work behaviours and business success. It builds psychological capital, the positive human resource that helps organisations to flourish. Wellbeing at work is significantly associated with better job performance, lower absenteeism and greater retention. Mental health at work has suffered during the covid crisis. As we emerge from the pandemic, employee wellbeing is what will strengthen the way forward.

We offer a range of training such as the Happiness Advantage and the Happiness Habits for workplace wellbeing along with one-to-one coaching support.

Here’s what one of the Sunday Times Best Places to Work – Triodos Bank – have to say about their experience.

“We worked with Miriam to bring the Happiness Habits workshop into Triodos Bank as part of a wider wellbeing programme.  Miriam brought a huge amount of warmth, insight and energy to the sessions.  She connected well with our co-workers and quickly earned their trust and engagement.  She oozed credibility on the research and latest developments within positive psychology and presented in an interactive, practical and engaging way.  The pre- and post-wellbeing evaluation assessment clearly demonstrated the positive impact that the workshops had on our co-workers’ wellbeing.  This was reinforced by some of the feedback I received personally from co-workers once the programme had finished. Miriam is a true professional and someone who is enjoyable and very easy to work with.  I very much look forward to working with her again soon.” Paula Searle, Head of HR


An extra incentive comes in the form of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter, which provides a national accreditation for organisations who are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of their workforce. The Charter is built on a solid framework which ensures you have every angle of workplace wellbeing covered.

  • Self assessment against a set of nationally agreed standards.
  • An action plan to drive future change.
  • Working with staff and other organisations to implement good practice.
  • Reducing sickness absence and improving staff wellbeing

Please get in touch to talk about ways in which we can support wellbeing at work.