Positive Ageing & Resilience Training (PART)

PA-logo smallAged 50+? Would you like to add well-being to later life? And bounce back  better from its challenges?

Take Part in PART – Positive Ageing & Resilience Training.  

More of us are beginning to realise that it’s not all downhill in later life but while there are good parts, we know it is not plain sailing.  There can be many challenges such as needing to care for someone, becoming ill ourselves or, sadly, bereavement.  Whilst we can’t do much to avoid these difficulties there are things we can do to help us ‘bounce back’ from these challenges a bit sooner and to help us enjoy later life.

PART is a new course in Positive Ageing & Resilience Training, which draws on the latest thinking in ageing well, positive psychology, CBT and mindfulness meditation. Each session teaches you reliable tips to make yourself more resilient – to boost your ability to bounce back from difficult situations and grow your well-being. The course is facilitated by Guy Robertson, author of How to Age Positively and Miriam Akhtar, author of Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression and is part of the Gulbenkian Foundation’s Transitions in Later Life project.  PART is available as a 2-day workshop, a 6-8 session weekly course and weekly webinar.

“It’s not only a positive approach to ageing, it’s a positive approach to life.” PART participant, 6-week course.

Webinar: The free 4-week online course on Wednesday evenings in October is available for anyone in the UK. Dates are Weds Oct 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th starting at 7 pm.  The sessions are 75-minutes long and have different themes.

  1. Positive Ageing & Resilience
  2. Emotions & Strengths
  3. Mindfulness & Optimism
  4. Meaning & Purpose

As this is the first time we are running PART as a webinar, it will be evaluated and you will be asked to complete a survey before and after the course. Your feedback will help to shape it for future participants.

No one in my family has made it past 65 so until the first session I had not really thought about living longer. Now at 61 I am feeling like I ought to just make a bucket list.”

Bristol: A 6-week course for anyone aged 50+ Tuesday afternoons at the Southville Centre from 20th September 2016.

” I was glad I found out about the course and attended. For me it was a worthwhile and thought provoking experience. I feel it will stand me in good stead for the future.”

If you would like to sign up for any of the free courses, please get in touch saying how you could benefit from the course:-

The course is offered by Positive Psychology Training in partnership with Positive Ageing Associates and the Gulbenkian Foundation’s Transitions in Later Life project.

All the parts in PART  

  • IPARTimagentroduction to the Transitions to Later Life.
  • How to Change your Thoughts & Feelings with the basics of CBT.
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Emotions: The Feel-Good Factor
  • The Positive You: Discovering Your Strengths
  • Optimism: How to Challenge Pessimism
  • Sense of Purpose: What’s Important to You.






Course dates

6-week course. Tuesdays at 2pm from 20th September 2016 at the Southville Centre in Bristol from 2-430pm.

2-day workshop – Tues 6th & Weds 7th September 2016 in London. This is in partnership with CABA and is offered to their members and families.

A 4-week webinar course open to everyone, wherever you are in the UK. This runs on Wednesdays throughout October 2016 from 7-825pm. Our Stoptober campaign will be challenging the negative stereotyping about age.