Creative facilitator, Wales.

“It was Miriam’s book Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression that introduced me to Positive Psychology several years ago. I was so influenced by it that I connected with Miriam on Twitter and subsequently attended a training workshop with her. I can honestly say it was transformational and, together with some hard work on developing my […]

Probation Officer, Worcs

“I really enjoyed part 1 of the Positive Psychology Masterclass, I would have to say it would rate as one of the best courses I have ever been on. It was so inspiring and motivating to be engaging in strengths rather than what I am used to, negative, destructive and aggressive behaviour”

“Met all objectives in reviewing positive psychology principles and applications… Excellent presentation and clarity of materials”. “Perfect! Thank you!”

“It was a wonderful 2 days of learning, sharing and being.  A feast for my mind and heart, both personally and professionally…  You are both truly inspiring women, and the course, content and approach worked beautifully.”

“…a perfect balance of personal insight and academic knowledge. Miriam and Bridget complemented each other well and seemed to guide us effortlessly through the enormous amount of material they were presenting. I am sure that whether they were after an alternative personal enlightenment or wanting to enter the academic world of Positive Psychology there are […]

“My objectives were all met and in some cases exceeded expectations…Materials were very good and knowledge outstanding.”

“I loved the Visualising the Ideal Self… and now have a lovely life map as a result… I also felt elevated and optimistic….Excellent balance between information and exercises”

“Practical exercises and concrete information… this Masterclass was full of useful stuff…. The material was presented well and the knowledge was excellent”

“I felt totally in safe hands – clear, thought-provoking, gentle and inspiring”

“Completely met my objectives – I was hoping for a life changing experience, and got it. Thank you.”

“I really enjoyed the two days.  I now have loads of ideas about how to develop myself and others. It was refreshing to be with likeminded people” RFL Director

“I would highly recommend the Masterclass. It was full of discussion, reflection and tools for personal and professional practice” Executive Coach & Communication Skills Specialist

“A wonderful opportunity to enhance your coaching practice and take some time out for yourself and your personal and professional development” Communication and Training Officer, University of Manchester 

“I would recommend the masterclass for its strong balance between theory and practice of Positive Psychology. An engaging time which provides time to think and reflect” –  Managing Director, Financial Services, London

” I was so impressed by the quality and content…I would absolutely recommend the Positive Psychology Masterclass…very inspiring”.  Executive Coach, Coventry

“I would recommend the Positive Psychology Masterclass – A positive and practical experience. Lots of learning and you leave happier and ready for a brighter future”.  Mental Health Practitioner

‘I really enjoyed this – love the toolkit and got good ideas both for work and for personal development…  I said last time that I really enjoyed your complementary styles – it works very well. Such wonderful people attend so lots to learn from them too….I will certainly endorse it fully’

‘Knowledge is super impressive! I remember and value this from last time…. Lovely style and friendship…This course is life-changing, it gives you the tools to change not only for your own work or home life, but a variety of tools to help others change theirs – what generosity! It walks the happiness talk.’

‘Really excellent. So well thought through, presented and realised and a great complement to the other course….This is 2 days packed with practical ideas on how to use positive psychology in work and life in general. This work is pioneering, important and will have great significance.’

‘Fantastic overview of key positive psychology concepts and insight into some very useful tools.’