Growth Mindset

Discover the mindset for achieving success


The Growth Mindset explains why it’s not just our abilities and talents that bring us success but how we approach our goals. Mindsets refers to the beliefs that we hold, whether we think our abilities […]

Workplace Well-being

Workplace Well-being
Why does workplace well-being count? Well, it’s a simple formula – there is a proven link between happiness and success. When people in organisations are feeling good and functioning well, not only do they flourish but so does […]


Strengths: Discover the Positive You
“A particular way of behaving, thinking or feeling that enables optimal performance which is both authentic and energising.”

Do you know what your strengths are? Your strengths are you at your best, your assets. Your greatest potential for […]

Positive Leadership

Positive leaders are able to develop their workforce’s capacity to thrive.

Positive leadership draws on scientific evidence to help leaders and managers to grow their business, productivity and profitability, promote workplace well-being and help people to thrive. Positive psychology itself is the study […]


What is Resilience?
Resilience is the ability to manage stress, to cope positively and keep going through tough times, to bounce back from adversity and achieve despite challenging conditions. It is a set of skills that are much needed in life, […]

Positive Psychology at Work

Positive Psychology at Work
Positive psychology is the study of optimal functioning and applies scientific knowledge and tools to help people and organisations flourish. There is an abundance of evidence to show the link between performance and well-being. Happiness is […]