Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression


Positive psychology offers a fresh approach to how we deal with depression – tools that act as natural anti-depressants but are backed by science. This book shows you how to use the science of happiness to recover your well-being and prevent relapse into depression. Positive psychology practices such as gratitude and optimism not only raise your level of happiness they can also help lower depression symptoms.

“Miriam Akhtar’s excellent book breaks new ground, being the first self-help guide for depression that is based on Positive Psychology. It is well-written, accessible and reflects the latest research that applies Positive Psychology to helping people who are in emotional distress.” Prof Neil Frude, Clinical Psychologist. Founder of Books on Prescription


1:    A Positive Approach to Depression
2:    The Science of Happiness
3.    Positive Emotions: The Upward Spiral to Well-being
4.    The Attitude of Gratitude
5.    Savouring the Moment
6.    Meditation: The Mindful Approach
7.    Learning Optimism: Psychological Self-defence
8.    Resilience: The Road to Recovery
9.    Positive Connections: Other People Matter
10.  Vitality: The Body-Mind Connection
11.   From Strength to Strength: You at Your Best
12.   Positive Directions: Moving Forward

The 1st edition was published in 2012. A forthcoming bibliotherapy study, which is to be published in an academic journal, has shown that the book really does help people increase their well-being. The 2nd edition has been revised and is published in April 2018.

“If I was going to buy one book on positive psychology to treat depression, bookintotnesI’d choose an author who’d been properly trained as a positive psychologist, who knows how to write in an engaging and accessible way, and who understands, first-hand, the challenges of depression. In short,I’d choose Miriam.” Dr Phil Hammond, GP & Comedian

“For many years I have recommended “Mind Over Mood,” to my clinical psychology trainees as the psychological treatment manual of choice. Miriam Akhtar has now written a very credible depression treatment manual, based on the principles of positive psychology. I am sure that this book will go on to become one of the few other classics in this field… Highly recommended!” Prof Jerome Carson, Clinical Psychologist

“A wonderful set of ideas and techniques that can help reduce depression and build happiness. They’re simple, engaging, practical and – most importantly- they’re all based on evidence from the latest positive psychology research,so we know they really work” Dr Mark Williamson, Director of Action for Happiness

Below are some of the readers’ reviews you’ll find on Amazon. And check out the book at Watkins Publishing.

“Miriam uses the scientific findings from positive psychology to suggest freehugsstrategies which can help people with depression in an insightful way. The book is extremely readable and I would recommend it for anyone interested in positive psychology, mental health, or as a handbook if you are yourself depressed.”

This is just what I needed… A book that helps me to turn my life around, is research based but has not lost its’ humanity. Superb doesn’t really cover it.”

“This is the first book I’ve read about depression that hasn’t made me feel depressed. It’s uplifting, inspiring, hopeful, often amusing and of course – positive. I urge everyone to read it, not just people who have been or are depressed. As Miriam explains, the Positive Psychology aspect of this book isn’t just about getting out of depression, it’s about moving into a positive emotional state – happiness!”

“You don’t need to be depressed to benefit from this book. It’s full of realistic techniques to help you flourish and reach your potential in life, whatever your emotional starting point.”

“Hello Miriam, I’ve just finished re-reading your book about PP and overcoming depression. Thank you so much for your work. More than anything else in the last twenty years this has given me hope again. I’m seeing real progress.”

Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression has a number of foreign language editions in France, Portugal, Canada, Czech Republic, Japan and Mexico.

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