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Happy City, Hopeful City

Here’s a preview of my chapter in the forthcoming World Book of Hope…

Hope is a very practical concept. For anyone who struggles with being optimistic, then hope is your way to go if you have a goal you want […]

Portugal: Pessimistic to Positive

Right at the tail end of 2012 I was sitting around a table in Porto with a group of psychologists and economists asking why Portuguese well-being was so low – Portugal hovers near the bottom of European league tables. […]

Beating the Winter Blues

The days are short, the resolutions forgotten. The festivities are over and the festivals are far off. It’s no surprise that the mood can sink as low as the winter sun at this time of year.   The clean fresh […]

2014 & the Age of the Sage

A new year has dawned and for me a new decade.  I’ve just had a significant birthday which has got me reflecting on my XX years of life.  I’m not saying which birthday it is as more ageist parts […]

Happiness Habits

Fifty years ago we were being told that ‘you’ve never had it so good’ and the arrival of mod cons was going to usher us into an Age of Leisure. Instead we’ve entered an era where so many of […]

Getting the Happiness Habit

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

It’s the holy grail, what we want most for ourselves and our loved ones. But the oh-so-desirable state of happiness can seem elusive, like it’s playing hard to […]

Positively Portugal

It’s the land of rosé wine, custard tarts and fado. The most Westerly point in Europe. Facing out onto the Atlantic, surrounded by Spain. But if you’re thinking that this is yet another piece of travel journalism, you’d be […]